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Book Manuscripts

“Latinidad in Black and White: How Latinx Politics Dis(Avow) America’s Racial Hierarchy” (RSF Pipeline Grant Recipient).

Articles Manuscripts

Matos, Yalidy. “At the Intersection of Afro-Latinidad and Gender.” Working Paper.

Matos, Yalidy and Richard Lau. “How Did Latinx Support for Donald Trump Shift in 2020?” Working Paper.

Matos, Yalidy. “‘Get Out of Our Country!’: Immigration and the Moral Geography of Whiteness.” Working Paper.

Lenear, India and Yalidy Matos. “In Solidarity: Black Women’s Immigration Attitudes” Working Paper.

Greene, Stacey, Yalidy Matos, and Kira Sanbonmatsu. “A Path of their Own: WOC Identity Development Among Asian, Black, and Latina American Women.” Working Paper.

Matos, Yalidy, Katherine McCabe, and Hannah Walker. “The Impact of Misperceiving Latino Neighborhood Density on Attitudes towards Immigration.” Working Paper