Undergraduate Students

General Resources/Support


Seek counseling at your institution; it helps!

Beyond Blue (an Austrialian site, but helpful)

A resource for underrepresented, first generation, and low income students.

On writing:

Your institution’s writing center.

Painless Grammar

A Writer’s Reference

A great reference for all types of papers, proposals, and policy memos.

Scholarships and Grants

10,000 Degrees|Scholarships

For those interested in law school:


Summer Internships/Jobs

UNC Charlotte Summer Research Program

For those interested in public policy:

PPIA Program

For those interested in political science:

Ralph Bunch Summer Institute

Undocumented Students

College and University Admissions Policies

2016 List of Schools Financial Aid Policies
Resource Guide

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships a-z Resource Guide

10,000 Degrees|Scholarships



Summer Opportunities

Haas Ju. Fund

Dream Summer 2016

Public Policy Institute of California


UCLA Labor Center

Centro La Familia Advocacy Center

More organizations listed here

The Green Lining Institute


Blogs with more Resources

My Undocumented Life