Graduate Students

General Resources


Beyond Blue (an Australian page, but quite helpful)

Finishing your Dissertation:

Finishing the Dissertation blog piece I wrote in collaboration with Ohio State PhDs

Demystifying Dissertation Writing (one of the best practical books I read as a graduate student)

Finish Your Dissertation Once and for All! (good for psychological blocks)

Destination Dissertation

On writing:

The Craft of Research

Bird by Bird

Learn to Write Badly

Painless Grammar (As a native Spanish speaker, this book took me through undergrad and graduate school)

On productivity:

The War of Art (Excellent book on resistance–self-doubt, fear, etc.–and battling through it)

How To Be Here (Great for life in general, but really good for creating habits and routines–e.g. writing daily)

Daring Greatly (On vulnerability and courage)

Scholarships and Grants

In political science:

Minority Fellowship Program

Funding your Research

Fund for Latino Scholarship


NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Your own College or University! Find out about grants from your department or the office of diversity and inclusion.


The Thesis Whisperer

Get a Life, PhD

Research Degree Voodoo

The Professor is In